Browsers are no longer supporting Flash websites

It’s time to publish your new HTML5 Website!

In an effort to continue delivering the best service to our clients, liveBooks has made the decision to sunset our Legacy Flash Platform and migrate all of our clients to our new HTML5 Platform. Flash has played an important role in the past but we can no longer ignore the vulnerabilities that come with Flash Websites.

Our Flash Platform will be turned off on November 12, 2018. Our team will be in contact with you before this date to discuss your site’s migration to our new HTML5 Platform. In the meantime, please see the timeline below for key dates and details along with frequently asked questions.


February 27, 2018

Customer Support for Flash Websites will no longer be supported

April 17, 2018

All Flash Websites will be placed in Read-Only Mode

May 15, 2018

Staggered Auto-Publishing begins

September 18, 2018

Staggered Auto-Publishing is complete

November 12, 2018

Flash Websites are turned off


We have outlined a list of milestones leading up to our Flash Cut Off Date, please see below for a description of each milestone

February 27, 2018 - Customer Support for Flash Websites will no longer be supported

In order to focus on our migration efforts, our Customer Support team will no longer be available to help you with questions regarding your Flash Website and/or editSuite.

Starting on February 27, 2018, all of our support phone calls and emails will be geared towards the next steps you need to take to claim your HTML5 Website before we begin our staggered auto-publishing phase, the additional caveats will apply on this date:

  • Fixes and updates to our Flash Platform will not be provided
  • New features will not be supported on our Flash Platform
April 17, 2018 - All Flash Websites will be placed in Read-Only Mode

When our sites are placed in Read-Only Mode on April 17, 2018 you will no longer be able to access your editSuite to upload and/or edit any content on your Flash website. Read-Only mode only impacts your editSuite access and will not have any effect on how your Flash Site loads in public view, both you and your clients will still be able to access your website.

Read-Only mode is a necessary step so that we can properly move forward with our staggered auto-publishing phase by ensuring that we have the most up-to-date content on your site. You will need to contact our Support Team and activate your HTML5 Website should you need to update your content after the Read-Only mode has been turned on.

May 15, 2018 - Staggered Auto-Publishing begins

In an effort to make this migration effort as seamless as possible we have planned a staggered auto-publishing phase where we will automatically publish your 'As Is' migrated HTML5 Website, please see the details for this process below:

  • Why is this phase being 'staggered'? Staggering this phase will allow us to assist each client with any questions that they may have, as well as offering onboarding sessions for our new Website Editor. We expect this auto-migration process to start on May 15, 2018 - in phases, with the last phase scheduled for September 18, 2018.
  • How do I know when my website will be auto-published? Our team will be emailing you directly with the exact details of your site's auto-publishing schedule.
  • What if I'm ready to publish my website now? If you're ready to publish your HTML5 Website now and don't want to wait for our auto-publishing phase to start, please contact us as soon as possible.
  • What if I don't want my website to be part of this Auto-Publishing phase? Please contact our Support Team as soon as possible to opt-out of our Auto-Publishing phase, you may email us at or book a phone call by using the calendar at the bottom of this page.
September 18, 2018 - Staggered Auto-Publishing is complete

Our goal is to have all of our migrated websites published on our HTML5 Platform by September 18, 2018. The completion of this phase will allow the liveBooks Support Team time to finalize any outstanding items with our Legacy Platform before our Sunset Date.

November 12, 2018 - Flash Websites are turned off

Our Flash Platform will be turned off on November 12, 2018, and any remaining sites that are still on our Flash Platform before this date will be auto-published to our HTML5 Platform. We have put a detailed plan in place to ensure that every one of our client's website is properly migrated before this date and our team is prepared to handle any question that you may have. Following this initial announcement email we will be sending a follow-up email with detailed information pertaining your specific site, please make sure you read these emails and contact us if you have any questions.

We encourage to add to your contact to ensure that our notification emails go directly to your Inbox and not your Spam/Trash folder.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of frequently asked questions regarding our current migration process, additional options you have before we start our staggered auto-publishing phase and more but please don't hesitate to contact us if you have additional questions.

Why are you turning off your Flash Platform?

Flash-based websites are no longer the industry's leading technology and have been deemed unsafe by web browsers. We have continued to make security and other updates to our Flash Platform but we can longer ignore the vulnerabilities that come with continuing to support and offer our Flash Websites. Please see below for some high-level bullets as to why we have been forced to sunset our Flash Platform:

  • Security Flaws - Flash Websites are notorious for their security issues, this has forced most of the major browsers to block flash-based websites by default.
  • Bad for SEO - Search Engines take a lot into account when indexing sites and prefer sites with a lot of content, individual links, and responsive design. Your website is not responsive which means that it has a completely separate mobile site for your mobile visitors. It's best to have one fluid responsive site instead of two separate versions.
  • Flash doesn't work on mobile - Flash sites will not work on mobile phones - which is why your current Flash Website has a separate mobile version. Migrating your site to our new HTML5 Responsive Platform will allow your clients to view the same version of your site on Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile.
  • Requires a plug-in - Web Browsers must have the most up to date Flash Player plug-in installed in order to properly load a Flash Website. This extra step can often lead your clients to bounce off your site.
What does HTML5 mean and why should I migrate my website to this new platform?

HTML5 is the new industry standard for building websites and is supported by all major browsers. There are a lot of benefits to having an HTML5 Website and below you can find some of the top features that we value in our new websites.

  • Fully Responsive Design - Not only are our HTML5 Websites fully responsive which allows them to be viewed on any device whether it be mobile, tablet or desktop - without needing a separate version of the site, but our Website Editor is also responsive. Having a responsive Website Editor will allow you to edit your website on the go, for example, you can now update your portfolios on the go!
  • SEO Everything - Our new websites allow you to add SEO tags on an image level, page level and also set global website tags giving you the freedom to properly tag your content. Our new tagging features along with the responsive design make our HTML5 Websites easy for search engines to index them and promise to give you great SEO.
  • Customizable Templates - We have listened to our clients and built the most customizable do-it-yourself website editor on the market. Our new websites allow you to update your website's design on your own without needing to contact support. You can update the font on your website, add/delete pages, edit the layout of the entire site or galleries as much and often as you need!
I have already been communicating with my Support Representative regarding my migration, does this announcement impact my current plans?

No. If you have been in recent contact with our Support Team regarding your HTML5 migration please continue to discuss your options with that Support Representative - there is no need for you to send a new email or book a new phone call.

How do I know if my website is on your Flash or HTML5 platform?

There are several ways to see which platform your website is on, please see the list below:

  • editSuite vs. Website Editor - Your Flash website still uses our original editSuite for content updates and our HMTL5 Platform uses the Website Editor. Please take a moment to review which one you have access to.
  • Inspect Your Website - Load your current liveBooks Website and right click on any page on your site. The menu that loads will have a line that states ' About Adobe Flash Player' - this confirms that your website is still on Flash.
  • Adobe Flash Plug-In prompt - If your Adobe Flash player is not up-to-date, you will be prompted to download the new version.
  • Received Sunset Announcement email - All of our current Legacy Flash users received our Sunset Announcement email, please check your inbox to confirm that you received it.
Is migration to the new liveBooks HTML5 Platform hard?

Migrating your Flash website to our new HTML5 Platform is easy, in fact, we have already done the work for you! Your migrated HTML5 Website is ready for you to review, just contact our support team for more information.

Feel free to use the calendar at the bottom of this page to book a phone call or email us at

Are there any costs involved with migrating my site?

Migration to our new platform is free and has already been done on your behalf, please contact our support team for a chance to review your new HTML5 Wesbite before we begin our staggered auto-publishing phase in May.

Please see the Question 'What does Staggered Auto-Publishing mean?' below for more information.

You already migrated my website? What does that mean exactly? What is 'As Is' Migration?

Our team has been hard at work this past year manually migrating all of our legacy websites over to our new HTML5 Platform. We have completed a Free 'As Is' migration of your site. With this migration we tried to mimic your current design, layout as close as possibile and transferred all of the current content and images to your new HTML5 Website.

Pretty much, we have created a copy of your Flash Website on our HTML5 Platform - some design aspects may vary due to the new responsive design, and we encourage you to book a phone call (see calendar on the bottom of this page) so that we can review your new site with you before we begin our staggered auto-publishing phase.

Please see the Question 'What does Staggered Auto-Publishing mean?' below for more information.

What does "Staggered Auto-Publishing" mean?

Staggered Auto-Publishing is the phase of our Sunset Plan where our team will auto-publish the websites that we have migrated from our Flash Platform to our new HTML5 Platform on behalf of our clients.

We will be auto-publishing sites in phases to ensure that our Support Team is available to review the new website and editor with our clients. We plan on starting the first phase of this milestone on May 15, 2018, which will continue until September 18, 2018.

Please send an email to if you wish to opt-out of this phase.

Do I have other options besides the 'As Is' migration?

Yes, you have other options! Our team moved forward with completing an 'As Is' migration for all of our clients to make this process as easy as possible, you have two additional migration options should you choose to opt-out of the 'As Is' migration.

  • Clean Slate Option - You can pick from one of our new template options on our HTML5 Platform and we can migrate your Content to this template. This will allow you to work on the Design of your website on your own, please keep in mind that you would have to complete the design and launch your new website before our November 12, 2018, Flash cutoff date to ensure your website stays up.
  • White Glove Option - This option allows you to work with a designer to come up with a completely new look for your HTML5 Website for a $200 fee.

We encourage you to contact us by booking a phone call at the bottom of the page or sending an email to to discuss your options.

Do I have to contact the liveBooks Support team to move forward with my migration?

No. Our team will contact you directly with details on when your site will be auto-published and next steps.

We encourage you to read the question and answer labeled 'Do I have other options besides 'As Is' Migration?' and contact us as soon as possible if you do NOT want to move forward with the auto-publishing of your 'As Is' Migration.

What will happen to the files that I have in my FTP folders?

Any files that are stored in your FTP folders which are not part of your website's design/portfolios will be available for you to download per your request. Our team is building a form for you to request your files, once the request is submitted you will receive an email which will include a link to your files for you to download. We will send you a direct email with instructions on how to request your files soon.

Will I lose my site if I don't migrate to your new HTML5 Platform by November 12, 2018?

Public access to your Flash website will be turned off on November 12, 2018, and all traffic will be re-directed to your new HTML5 Website as part of our staggered auto-publishing phase before November.

Please note that if you have chosen to opt out of our 'As Is' migration your account and website will not be part of our staggered auto-publishing phase and you will be responsible for ensuring that your new HTML5 is published with your domain pointing to this new site before November 12, 2018. We encourage to contact our Support Team before this date to ensure that your website domain settings have been forwarded properly.

I'm ready to publish my new HTML5 website, how can I proceed?

Great news! Please see your options below:

  • If you already have access to your new Website Editor and simply need publishing instructions please click here.
  • If you recently received an email with a preview link to your new HTML5 Website and are ready to discuss next steps, please scroll down to the bottom of this page and book a phone call with our Support Team.
  • If you are happy with our 'As Is' migration option and want to make sure your website is part of our auto-publishing phase then there's nothing for you to do but feel free to send an email to if you want an email confirmation.
I've reviewed your new HTML5 platform and have a lot of questions, what do I do?

Our new HTML5 Websites were built on a completely new platform and with that platform comes a new Website Editor which has new and exciting features; we understand that this new editor is very different from you current editSuite and that you may have questions! Please see our support options below:

  • Self-Help Knowledgebase - We encourage you to review our Knowledgebase which has hundreds of step-by-step guides to help with any one of our features. You can access our Knowledgebase by going to or by clicking on the '? Help' link that is located on the bottom left corner of your Website Editor.
  • Live Chat - Access our LiveChat form is available on this page and home page, just click on the 'LIVE CHAT' box on the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Sign up for our Webinars - We will be offering a series of on-boarding webinars where our team will walk you through the new Website Editor and highlight key features. Keep an eye out for our Newsletters for more details and information on how to sign up.
  • Contact Us - Our Support Team is here to help you! Please send us an email to or book a phone call by using the calendar on the bottom of the page.

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